We are excited to introduce Personal Branding Services – DB Stakeholders

Thank you for your interest in JBJBusinessGroup Inc.  We are excited to be partnering with Governor State University to offer our strength based personal branding service to help our clients.

Team JBJ has positioned itself to help Department of VA veterans achieve higher employment outcomes in transition assistance and reintegration programs by leveraging personal branding strategies, behavioral based assessments, technology solutions and coaching service delivered via an online platform that is accessible via computer, mobile device or tablet through an accredited university. 

JBJ will help improve client success and veteran employment initiatives leading to improved outcomes.  Applications to the Department of VA veterans

•           Increased awareness of job fit for military veteran.
•           Decreased unemployment rate of veterans.
•           Assistance with adjusting to civilian life.
•           Assistance with finding high paying and viable employment opportunities.
•           Decrease the feelings of discouragement experienced from preparing for and executing a job search.
•           Increase of continuation of the military identity
The goal of this 10 hr online program is to increase the employability of military veterans.  One objective of this program is to increase the awareness of job fit and provide quantifiable data to military veterans about their employability and assist them by providing a process that helps them choose their next career based on job fit utilizing science and research.  Other objectives is to provide a strength based personal brand, increase individual awareness and provide quantitative data to military veterans on how they fit in comparison to peers in the industry. 

Online course price $300 and is provided through Governor State University which is an accredited university as a non credit bearing course.

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